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We are dentist orthodontics specialists, Oral Rehabilitation (Prosthesis), Periodontics and Maxillofacial Surgery. We are prepared to offer a complete dentistry treatment to respond to individual needs. In our practice we are committed with the biological principles and scientific knowledge that support the use of the latest equipment and materials with the best quality.

We are registered in (dirección seccional de salud) complying to the qualifications standards that certifies basic technologic and scientific conditions services, offering safety to the patients.(Visit this link attached and you can consult the professionals of all the areas of the health pertaining to the special registry of health providers)



Dentist CES University
Orthodontist specialist Universidad de Antioquia (MBT, Self-ligating, MEAW, Invisalign, Mini temporary anchorage implants, Orthodontists Association member Antioquia University (http://www.ortodoncistasudea.com/who.html) American Orthodontic Association international member.

In my professional practice I like to use different systems and techniques of Orthodontics to improve functional and aesthetic conditions of the patient.

Dra. Erika Alejandra Pineda Duque, Dentist  CES University, specialist in Oral Rehabilitation of the Universidad de Antioquia, manager and founder of the High Aesthetic Dental Clinic EBOCA, Professor at the Universidad de Antioquia and Autónoma de las Américas university, with graduates and courses about implantology with recognized systems worldwide (Implant Biohorizons System, Zimplant Systemp, between others) y and oral aesthetics. With a great experience focus in recovering the smile of her patients.

Erika Alejandra Pineda Duque
Erika Alejandra Pineda DuqueOral Rehabilitation
Carlos Andrès Ospina
Carlos Andrès Ospina
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Dentist / Antioquia University 2005
Diploma in Aesthetic Dentistry / CES University 2008
Periodontics Specialist / Universidad de Antioquia 2011
Training period in periodontics / Chile University 2010
Active member of the Colombian Association of Periodontics and Osseointegration

Teacher Antioquia University

Calle 19 A # 44 -25 Torre Salud y Servicios Consultorio 1207
Tels 4199225 – 3016391692

Our clinic is located in an estrategic place in Medellin city, because it has an easy access to the Metro stations Poblado and Industriales, multiple public service transportation and beautiful and interenting places and good restaurants around making your stay the best experience. The IBIS hotel where you can stay is only one block away from us and Museo de Arte Moderno MAMM this last one has interesting cultural presentations.


What type of applicances are used in an orthodontic treatment?
The orthodontic treatment uses brackets, they are permanent dispositives (devices) (adhered to the teeth), there are diferents types of brackets; they have characteristics and diferents needs like each patient. The Orthodontist chooses according to the dispositives prescription also this indicates and guides the patient, However, the patient can decide in most cases, the size, shape and bracket material
The treatment time is variable, it can be between 1-3 years normally. This time depends of each patient and the problem to fix it, the age of the patient the coopertition during the treatment and the oral hygiene.
Yes, When orthodontics involves minor inclination dental movements and there is enough space and there is sufficient space in the dental arches. In these cases aligners (transparent acetate plates) are made to measure and each case is necessary.
They are removable devices (the patient can put them and remove them) that must be used after the orthodontic is finished.
Teeth undergo changes of position throughout life, this trend also occurs after corrective orthodontic treatments, so that the results of orthodontic treatment are more stable, it is essential to use retainers for a few hours daily.

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